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The “Healthy Hospital” Soft Serve
Vitamins, minerals, and 1/2 billion CFUs (Colony Forming Units) of Ganeden BC30 probiotics, which support immune function & alleviate discomfort associated with staph infections.

Alternative To Sugary Sweet Shakes
A nutritionally- balanced, complete meal replacement in a hot and savory soup. Shouldn’t meals offer more variety than: Chocolate, Vanilla, & Strawberry?

Your Multi-Vitamin Tastes Delicious
A spicy tomato supplement with more than 1/3 your Daily Value (DV) of 19 essential vitamins & minerals.

Your Smoothie in One Complete Meal
This highly fortified mix provides 1/3 your (DV) of all your nutrients to your recipe. It also contains
Ganeden BC30  which improves protein absorption.

Don’t Be Hungry, Be Healthy
A Delight-FullTM instant pudding (or shake)
that suppresses appetitie and provides
1/2 your daily Value (DV) of vitamins,minerals and fiber.

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