Kherb Appeal


Kherb Appeal™ is a “snack replacement” that’s fortified with 50% of the Daily Value of the 18 essential vitamins and minerals one needs to stay strong and healthy.
It’s natural hunger suppressants are designed to help you cope with calorie restriction; and its fortification provides you with the vitamins and minerals, you often miss, when you’re dieting.

A “Delight-Full™ low-calorie instant pudding or shake, which suppresses the appetite to help you cope with the reduction of caloric intake, while also providing one half of your daily value of 19 essential vitamins, minerals and fiber. Dieting no longer means you have to feel hungry or miss-out on essential vitamins and minerals. Just mix with water and Kherb Appeal™ will keep you satiated for hours.

  • No Artificial Flavors
  • No Artificial Colors
  • No Artificial Sweeteners
  • No Artificial Preservatives

Kherb Appeal™ weight loss formulation is presently in two, double blind, placebo-controlled clinical trials to substantiate potential claims that it might lower lipids and blood sugar levels.

Weighing in at scarcely 40 calories, Kherb Appeal™ is more satisfying than a candy bar touting 6 times the calories. Best of all, Kherb Appeal™ can keep you feeling full for up to 3-4 hours! So, when it’s time to have your next meal, you might eat only half of the 1000+ calories you normally eat.

Replace those high carb snacks with a delicious Kherb Appeal™ pudding or shake – twice a day – to fortify your health and satisfy those cravings.

Kherb Appeal Supplement


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