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NEWtritious is deeply entrenched with helping Non-Profit Organizations raise funds. We’ll treat your non-profit organization as though it was one of our distributors and let your members raise funds by selling NEWtritious foods.

We also are willing to develop partnerships with companies and individuals who are interested in serving as Independent Sales Agents and sell our products on a commission-only basis.

NEWtritious has a sophisticated on line fulfillment process, so even sales agents who work independently, have an online order entry system which will take care of processing payments from your sales, shipment of our products and the payment of your commissions.

Just fill out the form below and one of our Affiliate Sales Professionals will get back in touch with you right away.

We’ll also do our best to give you a bigger margin of income than other manufacturers who allow non-profits to raise funds through the sale of their products.  At NEWtritious we are deeply committed in “giving back” and we work hard to help non-profits thrive.

Fundraiser Sales & Affiliate Sale
If you would like to raise Funds By Selling NEWtritious fill out the form below. Or, you may download the Fundraiser Sales & Affiliate Sale information form in PDF format
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