Link: NEWtritious Partners with Breathe LA | Promoting Clean Air and Healthy Lungs


NEWtritious™ is a forward thinking fortified food and beverage company, which makes highly fortified nourishment, based on scientific information that has just recently been discovered or accepted by the scientific community.

NEWtritious looks for innovative ways to help people find the healthy vitamins and minerals their bodies need to survive and thrive. Support for BREATHE LA is a natural fit for the company. NEWtritious founder Michael Arlen is a seasoned business leader; successful serial entrepreneur;  resourceful out- of-the-box thinker; and respected mentor. His service  to BREATHE LA’s Board of Directors as a visionary with persuasive consensus building skills  has been invaluable in leading the organization through dynamic change.

“BREATHE LA and NEWtritious share the same vision of improving our everyday lives from the inside out. We know that with good health, the future is limitless.”